Is Vinyl Tile or Hardwood Right for Your Home?

Is Vinyl Tile or Hardwood Right for Your Home?

Choose us for luxury vinyl tile and hardwood flooring in Minneapolis, MN

If you want to install hardwood flooring at your Minneapolis, MN home, you actually have two choices: true hardwood or luxury vinyl tile that looks and feels like hardwood. How can you make sure you make the right decision? Turn to the expert flooring contractors at Dynamite Construction LLC. We can install both types of flooring at your home.

Our flooring contractors examine your needs and help you determine which type of flooring would be right for your home. No matter which type you choose, you can count on us for an expert installation. Call us right away at 763-445-0474 to talk over your options.

4 benefits of luxury vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl tile can give your rooms the same warm, cozy look authentic hardwood can, but it also comes with a number of additional benefits:

  1. Luxury vinyl comes in a variety of colors and styles. It’s difficult to tell it’s not actually hardwood.
  2. Luxury vinyl holds its shape against moisture and weather changes. On the other hand, wood is porous and can absorb damaging liquids.
  3. Luxury vinyl is 100% recyclable and contains 45% recycled content.
  4. Luxury vinyl is easy to maintain and costs less than hardwood.

Reach out to our flooing contractors today to take advantage of all the benefits luxury vinyl tile has to offer.