Floor Resurfacing In Minneapolis, MN

Floor Resurfacing In Minneapolis, MN

Trust Dynamite Construction LLC To Give Your Floors a Second Life

Are you tired of walking over scratched, dull floors? The professional flooring contractors at Dynamite Construction LLC offer floor resurfacing services in Minneapolis, MN. We’re trained to use the proper equipment and products to put the shine back on your floors. You can depend on us to do all of the hard work of reviving your floors for you. Call us now to schedule our services.

Why should you resurface your floors?

Resurfacing your floors can save you from a longer, more expensive floor replacement process. It can also:

  • Add value to your home
  • Lengthen the life of your floors
  • Decrease the mess of airborne dust particles
  • Remove nicks and scratches from your floors

You can trust our flooring contractors to renew your floors. During your consultation, we’ll get a feel for the extent of your floor’s damage. You can then expect us to bring the right tools to get the job done. Reach out to us today for a consultation.